Enjoy The Peaceful Haven That Is Stone Mountain Georgia And Visit These Places

You will find yourself having quite the adventure when you visit Stone Mountain, Georgia. Just the unique restaurants alone are basically attractions themselves. Order up that delicious barbecue from the red train car. As you get your fill and step out to venture around the city, perhaps you will be interested in these top things to do in Stone Mountain GA.

Stone Mountain Park is the first attraction that you might want to visit right away. The scene is quite beautiful there, and there is also quite a lot you can do. Some people refer to it as a type of unusual theme park attraction. A cable car ride can get you up there to the summit so that you are able to take in the great views. There is a rock sculpture, a laser light show at night, a train ride, a museum, a ropes course and more.

The list could go on and on when it comes to attractions in the area of Stone Mountain Park. It really is a place that you might want to start with and even come back full circle to end with it, too. In between, however, you can check out all kinds of other unique places in the area as well. For example, there is the Stone Mountain Covered Bridge.

I really like these covered bridges, and so this would be a must visit for me. But guess what, it’s also located at Stone Mountain Park. I mean, how cool is that? And the park is open until midnight, so it is a place you can enjoy during the day and night. Some places you visit don’t make you feel like being out at certain attractions at night, but Stone Mountain looks like such a peaceful place.

Guess what, the covered bridge in Stone Mountain Georgia isn’t just still around, but it’s still in use! Leave it to me to be the person that would go over there and drive through it back and forth ten times in a row! I told you, I like bridges like this one, and not many of the ones still standing are in use. Old South, Yellow River Park and other great places are there to visit, too. If you ask me though, Stone Mountain Park and all of the restaurants are enough. That city seems like a peaceful haven, and so why not just relax and enjoy it.